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reg  15ml   $5.50

4oz refill with 1/2 full bottle & pour top for easy refill.   $18.50  (equal to 6 bottles of polish when choosing shipping) 

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Seche Clear is the first truly non-yellowing base coat for nail polish.  
Seche Clear was created to provide a clear base coat for nail polish that will not yellow and will adhere to the natural nail.
If you want a truly clear base coat this is currently the only one. 
$3.50  1/2oz               $10.00  4oz   $12.00               4oz w/free 1/2oz  $16.00  (equal to 9 bottles of polish)
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Restore Thinner helps thin out thickened polishes without compromising color quality.


Seche Restore Thinner is the only thinner to thin a bottle of Seche Vite to its original consistency. It will not diminish shine or dull colors, and only replaces those ingredients which have evaporated from the bottle.

1/2oz     $5.00