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VOESH® Deluxe pedicure includes 4 steps in a box 

  • All natural sea salt soak: detoxify and deodorize  
  • Moisture scrub: exfoliate dead skin  
  • Mud masque: cleanse and tighten the pores  
  • Massage lotion: hydrate and soothe deep tissue in the skin 

All products are made without: Paraben, Tridosan, Mineral oil, Talc, Benzophenone, Phthalates & any other harmful chemicals 


Cannabis Sativa: Infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil to hydrate and calm skin while de-stressing senses
Charcoal Power Detox: Draws bacteria, chemicals and dirt from the pores to deep cleanse and purify the skin
Chocolate Love: Rich and creamy formula softens skin, hydrates and brightens while protecting from UV and free radical damage
Cucumber Fresh: Helps mask all problem areas by soothing and softening skin
Eucalyptus Energy Boost: Rapidly refreshes skin and stimulates the mind to improve energy levels
Green Tea Detox: Reduces dryness and prevent premature aging
Jasmine Soothe: Improves skin elasticity and helps fade stretch marks and scars
Lavender Relieve: Antiseptic and antifungal benefits help reduce scarring and speed up healing
Lemon Quench: Contains enzymes which cleanse the skin of dead cells and flush toxins
Mango Delight: Reduces dark spots and blemishes, leaving a healthy glow
Ocean Refresh: Seaweed extract helps increase circulation, while peppermint extracts cool on contact
Olive Sensation: Contains Vitamins A and E, which repair and renew skin from overexposure to sun
Peppermint Swirl: Contains orgainic olive oil and peppermint oil. Peppermint soothes the skin and muscle tissue and can even relieve pain and stress
Tangerine Glow: Contains antifungal and antiseptic properties, prevents and treats skin infections as well as stretch marks
Unscented: Unscented, mild formula is perfect for sensitive skin, infused with organic virgin olive oil to hydrate skin and strengthen its moisture barrier
Vitamin Recharge: Slows the rate of free radical damage which causes skin dryness and wrinkles

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